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Special occasions play a huge part in our life’s whether they are birthdays, anniversaries or graduations etc. They are the best way to impress and express your love to someone.No matter what occasion it is it should be celebrated in a special way. There are no parties without decorations and no decorations without balloons. Balloons areΒ a must in every occasion and they play a huge part in every celebration.πŸŽ‰

Many of you, might have struggled to leave home and reach the party shops before closing time to get a bunch of inflated balloons at🎈 midnight. But What if I told you now there is an easier way to celebrate occasions anytime anywhere.πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜† with Balloonee-Make your own balloons.

Here is one of our clients’ pictures

One of our client Alina who used the Standard Balloonee kit to make her parents anniversary special. Here are a few pictures of her decorations πŸ‘‡πŸ»

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What is Balloonee – Make you own balloons?

Well, this is a new convenient way of celebrating occasions. Balloonee is basically a Helium (Portable Cylinder) Disposable Party Kit that’s all about filling up your own balloons (according to your decoration needs), with an easy to use helium tank, and customizing your occasions anytime anywhere.

Balloonee-Make your own balloons party kits comes in 2 sizes

1.Helium Disposable Standard Party Kit -This kit consists of a yellow portable light weighted helium-filled tank(8.9 ft), 30 assorted colour latex balloons and a spool of white ribbon. This easy to use tank fills up to 30, 9″ latex balloons; 16, 18″ foil/Mylar balloons or 16, 11″ latex balloons. This kit is surely perfect for all occasions or celebrations.πŸŽ‰

and 2.Helium Disposable Jumbo Party Kit- This kit also consists of a yellow portable light weighted helium tank (14.9ft) and a spool of white ribbon but with 50 assorted colored latex balloons.(that’s why it’s called Jumbo 😊)This easy to use tank fills up to 50′, 9″ latex balloons; 27′, 11″ latex balloons; or 27, 18″ foil/Mylar balloons. This kit is perfect for massive birthday parties or celebrations.

*Both these kits also include a how to use guide and disposal instructions.

Β How does it work?

Once you buy your kit just unpack the helium tank, fix the nozzle (included in the kit) on the tip of the tank and turn the handle on top 4 times anti-clockwise. Fix the balloon holding it firmly and pressing the nozzle upwards. Once you have your balloon filled according to your needs just remove and tie a knot. It hardly takes a min to fill up.😁 To close just turn the handle around 4 times clockwise.
*always read through the instructions manual for accurate guidance.

What you will love about Balloonee is that it’s easy to use (totally a piece of cake 😊) and you have no limitations,(On the number of balloons you might but still you can mix and match your favorite balloon colors and shapes, for your decorations and party preparations anytime and anywhere.(you can even carry these kit around πŸš— and surprise someone last minute). The only thing is that these tanks in the kit are not refillable and must be disposed of after usage (when you done just buy another one 😊). * for separate refillable tanks visit our website

Balloonee- Make your own balloon is a great idea and concept which will surely be loved by all. This simple to use it is definitely a requirement for all your party needs. Whether at midday or midnight Balloonee-Make your own balloons 🎈have surely got you covered.

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