This Mega Disposable Helium Kit is suitable for Inflating up-to 100 (9 Inch) Latex Balloon.

Balloonee – First brand to launch 100 Balloons Disposable Helium Kit Across GCC.

Now you can enjoy inflating helium balloons at home.

With Balloonee – Create your Moments into Memories.

Balloonee Disposable Helium Cylinders are easy to use, portable and suitable for party celebrations. Helium balloons are the perfect choice to decorate any party or event as it creates beautiful ambience.

Helium balloons are a great way to decorate any party or event as it creates a celebratory, fun and exciting ambiance to the space! The helium balloons, in particular, are quite special and different from the standard balloons because they float around in the air, remain suspended and do not fall to the ground. People opt for helium-filled balloons to take their party, event or celebration to a next level!

Mega Disposable Helium Tanks are perfect for big events and occasions like Birthday celebrations, anniversaries, concerts, Live shows etc.

It is convenient, light & easy to use Disposable Helium Cylinder- A great value option.


  • Mega helium tanks fill approximately 100, 22.8cm (9 in) latex balloons
  • Ready to use helium balloon gas tank
  • Easy to transport
  • Fill Helium balloons at your convenience for any big / small event, celebration or concerts.
  • Can act as a replacement for Standard refillable cylinders-10 liters

Available on All Major Platforms of UAE


For Sales Inquiries Contact

💬 WhatsApp at +971 55 290 3495




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