Balloonee Helium Party Kits

Balloonee MAKE YOUR OWN BALLOONS is a better, more convenient, and more

interesting alternative to transporting pre-inflated balloons

Disposable Party Kits

Ideal for small parties and events at home, this convenient, light & easy to use recyclable helium cylinder is our best value option.

Refillable Cylinders

Whether it's a thousand balloons for a big event or just enough for a small party, the Balloonee® cylinder range is the answer.

Float Time Extender

Balloonee® FLOATEE is a liquid plastic solution that dries inside a balloon to form a coating that holds in helium.

Balloonee Now Available on

All major platforms of United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Pakistan.

We are soon launching in other countries around the world.

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