How to Use Balloonee Helium Tank

Learn how to easily use your Balloonee Helium Tank to inflate balloons.

Do you have questions about using your Balloonee Helium Kits? Check out the below instruction manual.

Troubleshooting your Balloonee Helium Tank

Is the green handle tight and wont budge to open the valve? The valve is kept tightly closed to avoid the helium gas from leaking. Simply use a small folded towel to get a better grip on the handle. Turn it counter clockwise to loosen the valve.

How to check if your Balloonee Helium Tank is Empty

Turn the green handle on top of valve counter-clockwise, then 4 full press the black nozzle downwards to release the gas pressure. If you don’t hear a hissing sound like ‘PSSSSTTT’ It means it’s time for a new tank!
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